April 13, 2024

Report of Birth

These requirments are for children born in Spain of Filipino parent/s

Basic Requirements

The Report of Birth form must be accomplished by either of the Filipino parents or the legal guardian. NO APPOINTMENT is necessary and you will be attended on a “first come, first served” basis. Please ensure you have all the coorect documentation as follows:

  • Duly completed Report of Birth form
  • Original and five (5) photocopies of the following documents:
    • Birth certificate (Certificado Literal de Nacimiento) issued by the Spanish Civil Registry (Registro Civil)
    • Official English translation of the Certificado Literal de Nacimiento
    • Passports of parents
    • Marriage contract of parents (if applicable) issued by PSA or marriage certificate (Certificado Literal de Matrimonio) (for marriages solemnized in Spain) issued by the Spanish Civil Registry (Registro Civil).
    • Official English translation of the Certificado Literal de Matrimonio
  • Certificate of No Birth from PSA for children more than 12 months old and Affidavit of Delayed Registration of birth
  • Cash payment for application and processing (refer to Consular Fees)

NOTE: The Embassy may require other supporting documents like PSA Birth Certificate of Parents, Dual Documents of Parents, etc.

Additional Requirements (for new-born babies whose parents are not legally married)

  • Affidavit of Acknowledgement of Paternity to be executed by the father or private handwritten instrument
  • Affidavit to Use the Father’s Surname (AUSF) to be executed by the mother
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Cash payment for processing (refer to Consular Fees) 

The Embassy will forward the Report of Birth to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in the Philippines.  Applicants may retrieve the PSA-certified birth certificate in the Philippines 6-8 months after reporting the birth to the Embassy.