June 24, 2024

Authentication of Documents

Statement issued by the Embassy on 22 May 2019

The Philippines has begun the implementation of the Apostille Convention effective 14 May 2019. This means that the Philippines will start affixing an Apostille Certificate, as proof of authentication, on Philippine documents for use abroad. The authorized Philippine government agency to issue an Apostille is the Department of Foreign Affairs.

In view thereof, all documents obtained in the Philippines for use in Spain and Andorra, which are both Apostille countries, should be presented first to the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs for the affixation of the Apostille Certificate. The apostillized documents shall no longer need legalization by the Embassy or Consulate of the Apostille country (Spain and Andorra) where the documents shall be used.

Likewise, all public documents executed and apostillized in Spain and the Principality of Andorra shall no longer need the authentication certificate of the Philippine Embassy or Consulate. They shall be valid for use in the Philippines beginning 14 May 2019.