April 13, 2024

Report of Death

Basic Requirements

The Report of Death form or Report of Fetal Death form must be accomplished and brought to the embassy. NO APPOINTMENT is necessary and you will be attended on a “first come, first served” basis. Please ensure you have all the coorect documentation as follows:

  • Duly accomplished Report of Death form or Report of Fetal Death form in four (4) originals
  • Original death certificate and four (4) photocopies
  • Four (4) photocopies of deceased passports
  • Cash payment for processing (refer to Consular Fees)
  • “Negative Result” Certification from PSA for death that took place more than one year ago
  • Original and four (4) photocopies of the following:
    • Medical Certification of Death.
    • Certificate of Cremation, if remains were cremated.
    • Burial Certificate, if remains were buried in Spain.

The Embassy will forward the Report of Death to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in the Philippines.  Applicants may retrieve the PSA-certified death certificate in the Philippines a minimum of three (3) months after reporting the death to the Embassy.