Catedra Extraordinaria de Estudios sobre Filipinas
Details of the Activities and Meetings as well as the Academic Program 2022.
Detalles de las Actividades y Reuniones y el Programa Académico 2022.

Quincentennial Encounters:
Cultural Conversations on the 500-Year-Old Relations between the Philippines and Spain
Interview with Dr. Aitor Anduaga on Colonial Science in the Philippines

Upcoming Events:

1 – 7 June 2020: El Mes Filipino
Celebrating Filipino Culture Online

27 February to 4 June (Various dates)
Conversaciones Culturales

27 February at 19:00hrs in casa Asia
Ciencia Colonial en Filipinas: Luces y sombras

29 October at 19:00hrs in Casa Asia
Jose Rizal: The Hero As Traveller

9-30 June 2019
Mes Filipino in Madrid

27 September 2018
ATPB Quiz Night

23 June 2018
Rizal Walking Tour for kids

24 May – 21 June 2018
Piña-Seda: Exposición Itinerante Hibla ng Lahing Filipino