PH Embassy Madrid Holds Workshop for Filipino Artists in Madrid

Figure 1. Filipino artists based in Madrid, Mr. Inumerable (top), Ms. Medina (where) and Embassy officials.

Figure 2. Participants during the abstraction exercises.

Figure 3. Lecture on 98B at the Sentro Rizal.

The Philippine Embassy, in collaboration with NCCA through Sentro Rizal, held an art workshop on exploring abstraction conducted by Filipino artists Miguel Inumerable and Kat Medina on 18 November 2017 at Sentro Rizal in the Embassy. Participants to the workshop were members of the Filipino community in Madrid who were art enthusiasts, hobbyists and amateur artists with experience in exhibiting their works throughout Madrid.

The two artists started off the workshop with a lecture on 98B, an artist-run initiative and space in Escolta, Manila, as well as the organization that collaborated with Matadero in sending Filipino artists to Madrid. The initiative provides a setting where artists and creative individuals from a variety of disciplines are able to interact, collaborate and present art and design in unconventional ways. Among other objectives, the group seeks to make art accessible to the general public by bringing it outside galleries where it becomes part of daily conversation.

Plans to create an informal Filipino Community artists’ network were also created as a result of the workshop, as well as a joint exhibit in 2018.
Mr. Inumerable, a digital and mixed media artist, and Ms. Medina, a painter and embroidery artist, are currently in Madrid as participants in the El Ranchito Artist in Residency program initiated by Matadero Madrid. Their works from the program will be exhibited on 25 November 2017 at Matadero, Madrid.