Philippine Missions Coordinate Efforts to Assist in Repatriation of Filipino Seafarers

A police official escorted Consul General Cruz to the transit area of Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas airport (left photo) to meet and assist Filipina seafarer Janine Doroteo and her daughter (right photo).

Through the collaborative efforts of the Philippine Embassy in Buenos Aires (Argentina), the Philippine Honorary Consulate in Montevideo (Uruguay) and the Philippine Embassy in Madrid (Spain), Filipino seafarer Ms. Janine Doroteo and her six-month old son Xyle Xavier Dabre were able to return to the Philippines from Uruguay. Their travel included transit stops via Madrid and Abu Dhabi.

During their 25-hour layover in Madrid, Spanish immigration and police authorities worked with the Philippine Embassy so that Embassy officials were able to check on the condition and well-being of Ms. Doroteo and her son.

According to Ms. Doroteo, they were supposed to fly home in March but there was great difficulty to secure flights due to restrictions on international travel. She expressed her appreciation for the assistance provided by J.R. Williams Motevideo, Holland America Group, Princess Cruises and Magsaysay Maritime Corporation for arranging her flight details and quarantine accommodations in the Philippines.

“I am thankful that the Embassy of Spain in Montevideo, Uruguay approved the request for Ms. Doroteo to transit via Madrid, and I commend the Spanish immigration and police authorities for extending assistance to Filipinos in Spain who are awaiting their journey back to the Philippines,” said Philippine Ambassador to Spain Philippe J. Lhuillier. “While we are all deeply concerned about the struggles that our seafarers have to face during this crisis, I am thankful that shipping companies are committed to repatriate our Filipinos in a timely manner,” the Ambassador added.