Filipinos and Spanish Communities Come Together to Commemorate Jose Rizal’s 123rd Death Anniversary

Filipino and Spanish participants braved the winter morning to commemorate the national hero’s martyrdom.

Members of the Filipino Community in Madrid, led by the Philippine Embassy, braved the winter morning to commemorate the 123rd death anniversary of Jose Rizal, held on 22 December 2019 at the Rizal Monument, Calle Santander 1, Madrid.

Vice Consul Ralf Roldan welcomed the participants with a speech in Spanish, stating, “El legado de Rizal va más allá de lo que nos muestra la historia, el mismo se encuentra en cada filipino y en cada ser humano con los deseos innatos de ser mejores cada día.”

(Rizal’s legacy goes beyond what history shows us, it is found in every Filipino and in every human being with the innate desire to be better every day.)

The wreath-laying was led by Vice Consul Roldan and the head of the Knights of Rizal – La Solidaridad Chapter and ended with a reading of Rizal’s Mi Ultimo Adios.

Vice Consul Ralf Roldan welcomed attendees with a speech in Spanish touching on Rizal as an everyday inspiration for Filipinos and Spaniards alike.