Madrid PE Resumes Overseas Voter’s Registration for Filipinos in Spain, Andorra and Morocco

The Philippine Embassy in Madrid resumed its registration of Filipinos for overseas voting on 15 August 2020, five months after it was suspended as the Spanish government declared “State of Alarm” due to COVID19 pandemic. 

The overseas registration was also conducted during the “Araw ng Embajador”, a Saturday special consular services for the Filipino community in Malaga, on 19 August 2020.  

The Embassy installed a desk shield prior to the resumption of registration, and is implementing safety protocols such as temperature checks of applicants and use of the personnel of face shield and face masks to ensure that both registrants and Post’s personnel are safe.

The on-going registration is in preparation for the 2022 Philippine National Elections, which allows Filipinos residing abroad to register at the Embassy as overseas voter and consequently exercise their right to vote during Philippine national elections.

The Philippine Embassy in Madrid, which currently has 26,000 registered overseas voters from Spain, Andorra and Morocco, encourages overseas Filipinos of majority age or who will be 18 at the time of May 2022 elections to visit the Embassy with their valid Philippine passport to register.