Filipina Musicologist serves as Key Speaker in SPEMI Conference on 19th Century Spanish Music

Chua SPEMI Presentation
Maria Alexandra Iñigo Chua, Filipino musicologist and an Associate Professor of the UST Conservatory of Music, was the invited guest speaker at the conference entitled “Music Printing, Hybrid Genres and Emerging Nationalism: The Kundiman and the Habanera in the Context of Nineteenth-Century Hispano-Filipino Encounter.” This was the first public event organized by the Sociedad Para el Estudio de la Musica Isabelina (SPEMI) held at the Biblioteca Musical de Victor Espinós last June 13, 2016.
SPEMI officers and members
The public conference was well attended not only by SPEMI´s institutional partners, but also by individuals and groups from other fields. SPEMI is dedicated to the study of nineteenth-century music in Spain and its colonies, and the conference stirred the interest of the members as it provided new insights and perspectives on the development of music in the Philippines.

Chua is currently on a nine-month long research fellowship at the Departamento de Musicologia of the Universidad de Complutense de Madrid under the supervision of noted Spanish musicologist, Dr Alvaro Torrente-Guisande, with a scholarship grant provided by the Commission on Higher Education of the Philippines.