DFA Advisory on Extension of e-Passports

The Department of Foreign Affairs – Office of Consular Affairs is currently experiencing delays in the issuance of e-Passports. In view of this, measures are now being undertaken to address the situation by increasing the production of e-Passports.

For Persons Who Need to Renew their Passports:

While the new measures to increase production capacity are being implemented, the Office of Consular Affairs in DFA-ASEANA, all Philippine Embassies and Consulates, Regional Consular Offices, and Mall-based Satellite Offices are now authorized to revalidate expired Philippine e-Passports and extend the validity of expiring e-Passports for a period of not less than one (1) year, but not more than two (2) years upon the request of the applicant, free  of charge. When applying for revalidation/extension, the applicant must also apply for a new passport.

For Persons with Pending Applications for Passport Renewal:

For those who already applied for new passports, they may approach the DFA Office of Consular Affairs at the ASEANA Building, Philippine Embassies and Consulates, Regional Consular Offices or Mall-based Satellite Offices for the revalidation or extension of their passports at no additional cost. The Office of Consular Affairs, Philippine Embassies and Consulates, Regional Consular Offices and Mall-based Satellite Offices will prioritize the revalidation/extension requests of applicants whose passport releases are overdue.

For further inquiries the applicants may contact the DFA-Office of Consular Affairs or the nearest Regional Consular Office, Mall-based Satellite Office or Philippine Embassies and Consulates in their area.

The Department of Foreign Affairs appreciates the continued patience, understanding and cooperation of the public.