Madrid PE Conducts Consultations with Philippine Honorary Consular Officers in Spain and Andorra

Ambassador Lhuillier (center) with the Philippine Honorary Consular Officers in Spain and Andorra and the Officers of the
Embassy. (L-R, Front Row) Consul Abiertas of Barcelona; Consul Carrion of Valencia; Consul Palomino of Bilbao; Consul Lopez of Las Palmas; Consul Agüera of Malaga; Consul Holbach of Andorra.  (L-R, Back Row) Administrative Officer Diaz; DAFA Col. Pascua; ConGen Bidon of Sevilla; Consul De Dios; Consul Roldan; Consul Mabayo; LabAtt Lavilla; and WellOff Nolido .

Ambassador Philippe J. Lhuillier chaired the “Annual Consultations with Philippine Honorary Consular Officers in Spain and Andorra” on 11 June 2019 at the Sentro Rizal of the Philippine Embassy in Madrid, which was aimed at further strengthening Post´s team effort for a more effective public service and dynamic bilateral relations with Spain.

In his remarks, the Ambassador emphasized that the continued protection of the welfare and rights of the Filipinos should always be promoted by the Honorary Consular Officers.  He also called for a united Filipino community and directed the Honorary Officers “to promote unity among the Filipinos in their area of jurisdiction”.

Ambassador Lhuillier also reiterated that trade and economic exchanges and cultural diplomacy are equally important in the pursuit of the Embassy´s goals.

The seven Honorary Consular Officers also reported their accomplishments in 2018 and presented their individual work plan for 2019 and 2020.  During the meeting, they shared ideas, best practices and recommendations on how to further advance the objectives of the Embassy.  They also received briefing on latest developments and update on Consular, National Security, Trade and Economic, Cultural, Labor and Protocol from the Embassy officials.

The consultations with Philippine Honorary Consular Officers is a yearly event organized by the Embassy to synchronize efforts and align programs of the Embassy and the Philippine Consular Officers in relation to the general objectives of the Embassy.  It is also a venue for all officers of the Embassy, as a whole, to discuss future endeavors, plans and strategies.

This year´s meeting was attended by Honorary Consuls Mr. Hans-Peter Holbach of Andorra, Ms. Chona Abiertas Tenorio of Barcelona; Ms. Susana Palomino Bilbao of Bilbao; Ms. Maria del Pilar Lopez Cabrera of Las Palmas; Ms. Rosa Ester Agüera Rojo of Malaga; Mr. Manuel Carrion Sanchez of Valencia and Consul General, a.h. Mr. Jose Ignacio Bidon of Sevilla.

In addition to the Ambassador, who chaired the meeting, the Embassy was represented by Mr. Ralf Roldan, Third Secretary and Vice Consul;  Ms. Raisa A. Mabayo, Third Secretary and Vice Consul; Mr. Mikhal C. de Dios, Third Secretary and Vice Consul; Ms. Joan Lourdes D. Lavilla, Labor Attaché, Col. Harold Anthony F. Pascua, Defense and Armed Forces Attaché; Ms. Nesa Nolido, Welfare Officer; Mr. Chester A. Diaz, Administrative Officer; Mr. Rex F. Albania, Protocol Officer; and Ms. Cristine R. Barbo.