Consular Outreach Mission To San Pedro Alcantara

The consular outreach mission to San Pedro Alcantara will be held on 29 and 30 March 2014 at the following location:

    Restaurante Eunice
    Plaza Juan Macias
    Avda. Oriental 15,
    San Pedro Alcantara, 29670

Services to be Rendered:

  •     Philippine passport renewal / issuance
  •     Notarial and translation services
  •     Reports of Births and Marriages
  •     NBI Clearance processing
  •     Oath-taking of former Filipinos under the Dual Citizenship Act (12 pm on Saturday)

Passport Renewal

There are a few more appointment times available for Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.  

For those who have not yet submitted their application forms, please send them to as soon as possible for an appointment time.  

The appointment schedule will be posted by Thursday, 27 March.

Dual Citizenship

The oath-taking ceremony for dual citizenship will take place at 12 pm on Saturday, 29 March.

Only those who have submitted the documentary requirements beforehand may take the oath.  Applicants are requested to arrive at least by 1130 am to submit the photos and original documents.