Consular Announcement


 Passports                                                     4-6 weeks

All other transactions                                 3 working days

Expedite processing                                  next day release

(for an additional fee of 9 euros)


1. Personal appearance  –  bring receipt and old passport (for passport renewal).

2. Self-addressed stamped envelope  –  bring a self-addressed stamped envelope when applying for consular transaction.

3. Authorized representative  –  bring a letter of authorization, photocopy of representative’s valid ID, receipt and old passport (for passport renewal).

4. Courier (MRW, DHL FedEx, etc.)  – contact courier to arrange for pick up.  For passport renewal, send old passport for cancellation.


Oath taking ceremonies will be held every Thursday at 1500h at the Sentro Rizal.

Documents for dual citizenship will be accepted from Monday to Friday during consular hours.  If the application is approved, the applicant must return on the succeeding Thursday for the oath taking ceremony.

Madrid, 24 January 2013