Ambassador Salinas attended the Closing Ceremonies of the First Edition of the Course on Defense for Officials from the Asia Pacific

30 November 2012 – Ambassador Carlos C. Salinas attended the closing ceremonies of the I Curso de Defensa para Oficiales Asia-Pacifico where two officials from the Armed Forces of the Philippines participated in: Brigadier General Hernando Iriberri Arrenza and  Brigadier General Teodoro Cirilo Torralba.

Among the other Asia Pacific countries represented in the course were: Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The course, which ran for 20 academic days, was co-organized by the Centro Superior de Estudios de la Defensa Nacional  and the Escuela de Altos Estudios de la Defensa of Spain´s Ministry of Defense.

The course was designed to provide its participants fundamental knowledge on military diplomacy, industry and planning which have acquired great importance in the economic and strategic fields of international relations.