Invitation to Submit Entries for the Miguel Fernandez XVIII Premio de Narrativa y Poesia

The 2012 XVIII PREMIO DE NARRATIVA (Relato Corto) Y DE POESÍA sponsored by the Miguel Fernandez Secondary Education Institute is now open to interested participants.

The competition is open to Spanish youth and Spanish-speaking youth who are between 14 to 18 years of age, except for those who won the grand prize in the previous years;

1. Prizes to be awarded are on the following categories:


First Prize: 600€ and Plaque
Second Prize: 200€ and Plaque


First Prize: 600€ and Plaque
Second Prize: 200€ and Plaque

2. Prose writings should be minimum of 4 pages and maximum of 8 pages. The Poems should be minimum of 14 verses and a maximum of 40 on each poem.
3. Entries should be original and unedited and have not won in other competitions.
4. The entry should be submitted in an A4-sized paper, front page, double-space and Arial font, size 12 or other similar font.
5. The author must submit his work in 5 copies.
6. Each entry must be properly labeled with the name of the author, name of school, address, telephone number and photocopy of document which indicates the date of birth.
7. Deadline for submission of entries is on 31 March 2012, at the following mailing address:

XVIII Premio <>
Apartado de Correos, 537

Or participants may send entries (one copy only) through the following email address:

8. Entries sent through mail dated 31 March 2012 will still be admitted.
9. Once the decision has been made, the Judge will give notice through the webpage of the Institute. The awarding of the prize will take place on 11 May 2012 during the course of the academic year.
10. The entries submitted will not be returned.
11. The prizes may be declared null
12. The prized-winning entries will be the property of the organizing Institute and could possibly be published should there be an opportunity.
13. The submission of entries indicates that the participant accepts the basis of the competition and that incompletion of any of these criteria would mean elimination of the entry from the competition.