Filipino film premieres at the 58th San Sebastian Film Festival

The Philippine Embassy in Madrid reported that the Filipino-produced film Amigo premiered at the 58th San Sebastian Film Festival on September 23.

It was the only Filipino film featured in this year´s edition of Spain´s most prestigious film festival.

Amigo is a film directed and written by John Sayles and starred in by award-winning veteran actor Joel Torre.

The film is set during the Philippine-American War of 1898 and deals with the interactions of the American garrison stationed in San Isidro and the members of the Filipino community in the area who are caught in the crossfire.

“Amigo deals with one of the most common but least-examined aspects of human experience – the story of the people caught in between,” Mr. Sayles said.

“The film also tries to raise awareness of the Philippine-American War which has been ignored or forgotten by both sides of the conflict, it is history that needs to be recaptured in the public imagination,” he added.

The Philippine Embassy, represented by Philippine Honorary Consul in Bilbao Andoni de Irala, as well as members of the Filipino community in the Basque area, was present during the premiere.

Consul de Irala observed that the premiere was well-attended and the film was well-received by both the public and film critics.