Diaspora-to-Dialogue (D2D): 1st Conference of Filipinos in Europe 2012

All Filipinos and Filipino Organization Leaders based in Europe are invited to participate in the upcoming “Diaspora-2-Dialogue (D2D): 1st Conference of Filipinos in Europe 2012” which will be held from 27 to 29 September 2012 in Rome, Italy, in cooperation with the Philippine Embassy in Rome and the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO).


D2D hopes to engage Filipinos in Europe to adopt a forward-looking attitude that would prepare them with options to cope with changes taking place in both their host countries and in the Philippines, which have a direct impact on their family, social and economic lives.


The D2D of Filipinos in Europe was designed to provide a forum of Europe-based Filipinos and Filipino organizations / associations for a consensual and collective thinking of issues regarding migrant socio-economic integration / re-integration in host and home country that can empower migrants for development in both countries.


The Conference aims to make the forum a permanent venue for continuing dialogue among overseas Filipinos through:


  1. Active participation in the formation of the Global Filipino Diaspora Council; and
  2. Explicit focus on outcomes that can guide the program for the 2013 Global Summit in the Philippines.


The D2D Conference in Rome was borne of the First Global Summit of Filipinos in Diaspora held in Manila last September 2011, which was convened by the CFO in cooperation with the DFA and its various Embassies, as well as the National Federation of Filipino Associations in America and the USPinoys for Good Government.  The Global Summit opened a network of exchange among the hundreds of Filipino migrants in attendance and led to the adoption of the formation of the Global Filipino Diaspora Council, which is also slated to meet in Europe this year.


Click here for the program details and administrative arrangements of the D2D Conference or visit the website www.d2d.ph.