January 22, 2022

Temporary Visitors Visa

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NOTE: Please be advised that due to the travel restrictions currently imposed in the Philippines due to the pandemic, the Embassy will require additional documents for visa issuance on top of the usual requirements, hence, ALL foreign nationals in need of visas must email first the Embassy’s Visa Section at visamadridpe@gmail.com for the following:

  1. Inquiries about visa issuances;
  2. Submission of the required documents for initial assessment; and
  3. To book an appointment for visa application.

Foreign nationals who are traveling to the Philippines may be allowed to enter the Philippines upon application of the appropriate entry visa, provided they hold an Entry Exemption Document, hotel reservation at an accredited quarantine facility, valid two-way tickets for their return journey to their port of origin or next port of destination and their passports are valid for a period of six (6) months beyond the contemplated period of stay (other documents may still be requested from you).  However, immigration officers at ports of entry may exercise their discretion to admit holders of passports valid for at least sixty (60) days beyond the intended period of stay.

Nationals from ALL countries need to apply for an entry visa.

Former Filipinos and immediate foreign family members of Balikbayans (parents, spouse and children) may travel together to the Philippines without a visa.  Foreign family members who will travel without the Filipino or former Filipino must first secure a visa at the Embassy. It is important to please check first with updated advisories from the Bureau of Immigration regarding changes on this regulation.

Visa Issuance
The granting of a Philippine visa is in effect only a form of pre-entry clearance.  Immigration Officers have the authority to grant or deny admission upon arrival in a port of entry in the Philippines.  Visa holders are subject to normal immigration control at the port of entry.

Validity of Visa
The period of validity of a visa indicates the time within which entry into the Philippines may be affected.  It does not refer to the length of stay in the Philippines.  In the case of non-immigrant visa holders whose stay in the Philippines will exceed fifty-nine (59) days, they must secure an extension of stay with the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation (Magallanes Drive, Port Area, Manila) and pay the necessary immigration fees.

Filing of Visa Application
Visa applications must be filed in person.  In case of a minor below 18 years of age, the application may be made for him/her by any person who shows proof that he/she is responsible for the minor’s welfare.
Approved visas can be claimed after three (3) working days.

Basic Requirements

  • Personal appearance of the applicant
  • Duly accomplished Visa Application Form. All headings must be filled out using CAPITAL LETTERS only
  • Original passport (valid for at least six (6) months beyond the intended period of stay in the Philippines) and photocopy of data page of passport
  • Two (2) photographs with white background taken in the last six (6) months
  • Original and photocopy of roundtrip air ticket showing arrival in and departure from the Philippines
  • Cash payment for application processing (refer to Consular Fees)
  • Entry Exemption Document which is issued in DFA Manila and copy of Letter of Endorsement of Sending Company, if travel is for business purposes
  • Additional requirements such as clearance certificate from the Ministry of Justice and bank statements may also be requested

Note: Visa applications with incomplete documentary requirements will not be processed.  The Visa Officer may request additional documents as necessary.