Outreach ePassport Renewal Appointments

Please download and read these instructions before making your ePassport Renewal Appointment below.
Book your ePassport renewal appointment at the nearest Outreach location by using the following steps:

1. Select Location
2. Select Worker (try Queue 1 first and if no appointment slots are available progress to Queue 2 etc)
3. Select relevant date from the calendar.
(If the date is not available the message “Please select another day” will be displayed below the calendar).
4. Click on your preferred time slot from the list. Only time slots in white boxes are available. Once the time slot is selected it changes from white to green and you can complete your personal details. (Time slots in grey boxes are occupied). If there no available time slots change Worker (Queue number) or select a different date at your location.

Barcelona: 14 Sep
Ibiza: 26 Oct
Tenerife: 21 Sep
Sevilla: 23 Nov

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